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Mapping the UK left's ecology of groups, collectives, orgs, parties and more: 406 entities

1968 Press
4 Front
99% Organisation
A Good Night Out Reading Group
ACAN Architects Climate Action Network
Act Build Change
Action for Fire Safety Justice
Action Network
Action on Empty Homes
Alex Ferry Foundation
Alternative Left Entertainment
Anarchism Research Group
Anarchist Communist Group
Anarchist Federation
Anarchist Federation
Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust
Angry Workers of the World
Another Europe is Possible
Anti Raids Network
Anti-Capitalist Resistance
App Drivers and Couriers Union ADCU
Art Workers' Forum
Association for Public Service Excellence
Aufhebunga Bunga
Autonomous Design Group
AWL Workers Liberty
Baring Foundation
Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn trust
Basic Income Conversation
Basic Income UK
Beyond Education
Black Activists Rising Against Cuts
Black Educators Alliance (BEA)
Black Lives Matter UK
BP Or Not BP
Breakthrough Party
Bristol Antifa
Bristol Transformed Brains Trust
British Digital Cooperative
Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT)
Campaign for Labour Party Democracy
Campaign for Socialism
Campaign for State Education
Campaign Lab
Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance
Catalyst: A Journal of Theory & Strategy
Cautiously Pessimistic
Centre for Ageing Better
Centre for Cultural Value
Centre for Health & the Public Interest
Centre for Progressive Change
Centre Left Grassroots Alliance
Channel Rescue
Christians on the Left
Citizen's Basic Income Trust
Claim the Future
Class Wargames
CLES Centre for Local Economic Strategies
Climate Action
CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Co-Creating Change
Co-operative Party
Coalition of Anti-Racist Educators
Common Ecologies
Common Knowledge
Common Wealth
Communist Party
Communist Party of Great Britain
Communist Workers Organisation
Community Action Tenants' Union
Community Base
Concrete Action
COP26 Coalition
Corporate Watch
CPB Young Communist League
Creating Socialism
Creative Workers Co-operative
Critical Management
Declassified UK
Decolonising Economics
Defend the Left!
Democracy Collaborative
Democracy Now!
Democratic Socialists of America
Disability Labour
Disabled People Against Cuts
Diversifying and Decolonising Economics
Don't Leave, Organise
Double Down News
Economic Change Unit
EDSK Education & Skills
Education for Democracy
Ella Baker School of Organising
Equality Trust
Evolve Politics
Extinction Rebellion (XR) UK
Fabian Society
Fair By Design
Finance Innovation Lab
Food Foundation
For the Many
Four Day Week
Freedom News
Friends of the Earth
Fuel Poverty Action
Game Worker Solidarity
Generation Rent
Get PR Done
Global Justice Now
Grassroots Black Left
Greater Manchester Housing Action
Green and Black Cross
Green Left UK
Green New Deal Rising
Green New Deal UK
Green Party
Grenfell United
Hannah Mitchell Foundation
Haringey Solidarity Group
Harmony Party UK
Hegemonic Project
High Pay Centre
History Workshop Online
Hysteria Collective
Independent Labour Publications
Indian Workers Association (IWA) in Great Britain
Informed Dissent
Institute of Race Relations
Insulate Britain
International Socialism
IPPR Institute for Public Policy Research
IWCE Independent Working Class Education Network
IWGB Independent Workers Union of GB
James Connolly Society
Jarrow Insights
Jewish Socialists' Group
Jewish Voice for Labour
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
Just Fair
Just Space
Just Treatment
Keep Our NHS Public
LA4J Labour Activists for Justice
Labour Academic Network
Labour Against the Witchhunt
Labour Animal Welfare Society
Labour Assembly Against Austerity
Labour Briefing
Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform
Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform
Labour Campaign for Free Movement
Labour CND
Labour for a Green New Deal
Labour for a New Democracy
Labour for a Republic
Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America
Labour Grassroots
Labour Hub
Labour Humanists
Labour in Exile Network
Labour Land Campaign
Labour Left
Labour Left Alliance
Labour Muslim Network
Labour Outlook
Labour Party
Labour Party Graphic Designers
Labour Party Marxists
Labour Representation Committee
Labour Society of Campaigners
Labour Together
Labour Transformed
Labour Women's Network
Lawrence Wishart
Learning Cooperative
Ledbury Estate
Left Book Club
Left Foot Forward
Left Grassroots
Left Over Podcast
Left Unity
Left Wing Society
Legal Aliens
Lighthouse Bookshop
Lipman-Miliband Trust
Living Income
London Energy Transformation Initiative LETI
London Renters Union
Make Votes Matter
Marxist Centre
Marxist Student Federation
Mayday Rooms
Means TV
Media Diversified
Media Fund
Media Reform Coalition
Mental Health Workers' Inquiry
Migrants Organise
MMT for Progressive Change
Momentum Black Caucus (MBC)
Morning Star
Movement for Justice
Municipal Enquiry
Muslim Women's Network UK
Mustardseed Trust
National Food Service
National Lottery Community Fund
NEF New Economics Foundation
Network for Social Change
NEU National Education Union
New Communist Party of Britain
New Left Review
New Lucas Plan
New Socialist
NHS Workers Say No
No Holding Back
No More Exclusions
Northern Independence Party
Northern Star
Notes from Below
Novara Media
Nurses United
Open Democracy
Ordinary Left
Organising for Power
Party Political Puffin
Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Peace and Justice Project
Peace Pledge Union
People's Assembly Against Austerity
People's Paper
Peoples Alliance of the Left
PEP Political Education Project
Plan C
Platforms, Populisms, Pandemics and Riots
Pluto Press
Politics for the Many
Politics Theory Other
Positive Action in Housing
Positive Money
Post-16 Educator
Pro Bono Economics
Progressive Economy Forum
Progressive International
Project: Empower
Quantum Leopard
Racial Justice Network
Radical Art Review
Radical Film Network
Radical Housing Network
Rainbow Collective
Raymond Williams Foundation
Real Democracy Movement
Rebel City
Reclaiming Education
Red Fightback
Red Green Labour
Red Labour
Red Paper Collective
Red Pepper
Red Plenty Games
Red Square Movement
Rent Strike
Repeater Books
Republican Socialists
Resolution Foundation
Reteaching Economics
Rethinking Economics
Revolutionary Communist Group
Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain
Ron Todd Foundation
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung London
RS21 Revolutionary Socialism in 21C
Save Our Socialists
Scientists for Labour
Scottish Tourism Workers League
Scottish Trades Union Congress
Shout Out UK
Sma Shot School
Social Enterprise UK
Social Guarantee
Social Housing
Social Housing Action Campaign
Social Rights Alliance
Socialism & Trade Unionism East
Socialist Action
Socialist Alliance
Socialist Alternative
Socialist Appeal
Socialist Campaign Group
Socialist Educational Association
Socialist Environment & Resources Assn
Socialist Equality Party
Socialist Health Association
Socialist Labour Party
Socialist Party of Great Britain
Socialist Register
Socialist Resistance
Socialist Students
Socialist Telly
Socialist Think Tank
Society of Labour Lawyers
Solidarity Economy Association
Solidarity Federation
Solidarity Knows No Borders
Southall Trust
Sparrows Nest
Stalin Society
Stand Up to Racism
Stats for Lefties
Stir to Action
Stop the War
Stop Watch
Streets Kitchen
Strike Map UK
Stuart Hall Foundation
Sublation Media
Sustainable Housing Action Partnership
Sutton Trust
SWP Socialist Workers Party
Tax Justice UK
Teach the Future
The Clarion
The Institute of Employment Rights
The Resurgence Trust
The Socialist Party (NI)
The Society of Cadies
Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G)
Time for Real Change (UNISON)
Time to Mutiny
Tolpuddle Martyrs
Tower Blocks UK
Trademark Belfast
transform! europe
Trust the People
TUC Trades Union Congress
Tudor Trust
TUSC Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition
TWT The World Transformed
UBI Lab Network
UCU University & College Union
UK Student Climate Network
UK Uncut
Union News
Unite Unity Left
United Voices of the World
Virtual Social Centre
War on Want
We Own It
WEA Workers' Educational Association
Welsh Labour Grassroots (WLG)
Welsh Underground Network
Women's Budget Group
Women's Equality Party
Workers Party of Britain
Workers Power
Workers Revolutionary Party
Workers' Observatory
Working Class Economists Group
Yes to Fair Redevelopment
Young Activist Network
Young Labour
?New Economy Brief