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Mapping the UK left's ecology of groups, collectives, orgs, parties and more: 406 entities

Four hundred and six entities and counting…

The UK left comprises myriad organisations with varying philosophies, objectives and structures. Traditional activism is but one part of leftism: LeftMap seeks to map out the wider left ecology including extra-Parliamentary and post-activism activity.

Initially, LeftMap is simply a categorised, searchable database of the UK left ecology as found on the web. Entity descriptions are taken from their websites and categorising is largely based on keyword searching.

Who do we include? Initially, for the sake of being maximally informative and capturing the diversity of the movement, we are prioritising expansiveness. We recognise there is much debate over where the borders of the 'left' should be drawn. As such, inclusion on this map does not imply any substantive endorsement of an organisation's politics.

Why we started, and what we hope to achieve.
Help us to build this picture of UK left activity.
A place for looking out across the landscape.
Talk with us about your views and visions.
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We have been careful to minimise the presence of our own interpretations in creating LeftMap. Each entity is described in its own words. Entities are categorised under various key headings, including form and focus, primary outputs, self-stated substantive political goals and strategic orientation. Categorisations have been made on the information provided by the entities themselves, and through the use of keyword searches.